CP Soccer camp 2018

June 2018, Clemson University, South Carolina


CP SOccer’s first sleepaway camp

At the end of our first season, CP Soccer ran our very first CP Soccer sleepaway camp in June 2018, at Clemson University, South Carolina. We hosted 17 kids from across the country and for almost all of them, it was the first time they could get together and be surrounded exclusively by kids just like them. They exhausted themselves out on the field with some serious soccer training. But the highlight was having the chance to open up and make friends with kids who could relate to their challenges and triumphs.

The camp is the only program for which we charge a fee, used to cover the pass-through cost of all services. That said, for Camp 2018, two-thirds of the campers were on full tuition support covered by CP Soccer.

CP Soccer Camp 2018, Clemson Univeristy, SC

CP Soccer Camp 2018, Clemson Univeristy, SC

On the back of Camp 2018, CP Soccer was able to expand our program to four other regions - Atlanta, Mid-Atlantic, South Florida, and North Texas - all grassroots efforts by parents who’s child attended Camp 2018 and wanted to bring back that same unique experience for other CP kids in their region.

Why Clemson University?

We chose Clemson University to host our first two camps because Clemson is making a strong commitment to Paralympic soccer at the collegiate level, and is building a program that specifically supports soccer players with CP/ stroke/ TBI.  We are proud to partner with Clemson University, and greatly appreciate their support for CP Soccer.

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