CP Soccer camp 2019

June 2019, Clemson University, South Carolina



CP Soccer hosted our second one-week sleepaway camp for kids with cerebral palsy, stroke or traumatic brain injury in June 2019, at Clemson University, South Carolina. We welcomed 27 kids from across the country and were excited to see many familiar faces as two-thirds of the campers from Camp 2018 returned. Some kids were part of our regional programs, and some were from more remote areas across the country. The camp is a unique opportunity for these kids to get together and be surrounded exclusively by kids just like them for an entire week.

IMG_1531 2.JPG

In Camp 2019, we had the honor of several former US Paralympic Soccer Team coaches and players, and members of the community who also have cerebral palsy joining our coaching and counseling team. We thank them for their continued support of CP Soccer and for being such brilliant role models for our players.

camp 19 coaches.JPG