At CP Soccer we believe that every player should have the opportunity to develop and find success in soccer regardless of whether they have cerebral palsy or another disability. CP Soccer already has a number of players who are involved with the US Paralympic Training Team and National Team, and we are keen to support other players within the US talent pathway.

CP Soccer is launching a U21 National Team program that identifies and develops emerging talents in cerebral palsy soccer from around the United States, increasing their opportunities within the game.

The most qualified players will come together multiple times per year to participate in training camps modelled after those of the US Paralympic National Team. The aim is to build pathways for committed players to higher competitions, and for some a path to the US Paralympic National Team. The U21 National Team is an extraordinary opportunity for many of our hopefuls to be part of an academy-level squad and pursue their excellence on and off the pitch.

The U21 National Team has wide-reaching impact on our grassroots CP Soccer program. Having emerging players as role models for our foundation team players demonstrates that youths with cerebral palsy can also find excellence and success in the sport they love, and the unique experience for these U21 players themselves is immeasurable.

our plan

  • Identify 30 CP Soccer players who qualify for the U21 National Team

  • Hold the first U21 National Team training camp in December 2019 for 15 players

  • Run 2 to 4 U21 National Team training camps per year

  • Raise $100,000 per year to cover the cost of the U21 National Team training camps and tournaments

  • Host two U21 tournaments per year

  • Travel to two U21 tournaments per year


CP Soccer is looking for partners who value this mission. We are looking for sponsors to help nurture these players and support them through their development as the next generation of cerebral palsy soccer players for the United States. Parties interested in funding and sponsorship in the CP Soccer US U21 National Team program can get in touch through our contact form.