our plans

CP Soccer will start its operations in the New York metro area.  Our plan is to establish a successful local team and then build from there.  Phase One of our plan is to recruit local children with CP to at a facility owned and run by our Director, Ashley Hammond.  Ashley is donating the field time as well as coaching for all kids recruited.  We will leverage social media and outreach initiatives through physical therapists, occupational therapists and doctors who work with kids with CP to generate our initial leads.  We hope to also work with local and regional soccer associations, the city and state education departments, and ultimately hope to get some good press.  Word of mouth will also be important for recruitment.  Ultimately, we hope to enroll 20 to 30 kids who will regularly attend bi-weekly training sessions at Ashley’s facility in Clifton, New Jersey.  For Phase Two, we will launch a two-week sleepaway camp program, where kids with CP from across the country can come to play soccer and train with other kids like them.  For Phase Three, we will encourage the families of the kids who attend our camp from outside the New York area to start their own local teams.  We will coach them on the startup process and offer financial support where needed to help get them off the ground.  In this way, we hope to build out a national league of local teams who can come together once a year and participate in a tournament.  We believe this could be a life-changing experience for many young people with CP.